Food and drinks are elegant, healthy and made of premium ingredients.”

Lit by a multitude of lamps by interior designers, and owners Zohra and Blaise’s trademark style of lanterns, both opulent and dazzling, the stage is set for this amazing venue. This Moroccan and Belgian couple’s knack and passion for finding antiques and curios from all over the archipelago, primarily began for their interior clientele and has Bistrot showcasing the best of their personal collection – and what an amazing collection it is to behold.

The place is beautifully set out, comfortable sofa style bench seating – which is perfect during High Tea time or informal meetings when a beverage is all that is required. The loft style atmosphere is artistic yet welcoming, framed by Blaise’s travel collection of impressive photography, which as an exhibition changes from time to time. The working semi-open kitchen found on the ground floor, is where all the menu’s fresh, tempting items are created. From the cooling natural stone floor a scatter with rugs underfoot, up to the beautiful skeleton of the metal rafters holding a real wooden ceiling alive with whirring fans the philosophy is traditional, uncomplicated and hospitable but distinct and creative.

Bistrot’s team is a family ready to welcome all guests into this charmingly unique venue. The delightfully charming waiters and waitress who speak several languages, have the knack of serving down to a fine art.
Our cuisine, drinks list, ambience and service will ensure that you and your guests will have the magic of Bali to remember Bistrot on your special occasion.