Breakfast in SEMINYAK




8:30am to 5pm

“Come and start you day with one of our healthy seminyak breakfast.”


Bistrot begins each day with gourmet style breakfasts, – food is all about pleasure at Bistrot. Come and start you day with one of our healthy breakfast. Eggs and omelettes are freshly prepared your way, bowls are done with love, and we made a selection of our favorite pastries for you. Don’t forget to try our delicious coffees and teas.


Blueberry Ricotta Pancake (V)
Blueberry | Sumbawa Honey
Vanilla-Citrus Chantilly


Pain Perdu (V)
Vanilla Spiked French Toast | Mixed Berry


Exotic Bowl (V)
Mango | Pineapple | Banana | Passion Fruit
Coconut Cream | Homemade Granola


Granola Bowl (V)
Exotic Fruit | Coconut Yogurt | Homemade Granola


Eggs Benedict & Tarragon Hollandaise
Two Poached Eggs | Crispy Bacon
Spinach | Tarragon Hollandaise Sauce


Avocado & Eggs on French Rustic Toast (V)
Two Poached Eggs | Guacamole | Avocado
Confit Tomato / Yoghurt


Salmon Tartine  
Smoked Salmon | Avocado | Pomelo | Dill Dressing


Smoked Baked Ham | French Emmental
Walnut | Bechamel


Petit-Déjeuner à la Française (V)
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Baguette Homemade Spreads
Two Eggs Cooked your Way

vegan food



“We want our guests to be surprised by the flavours of each of the little plates we design. ”

The Bistrot Dinner menu is based on a family sharing concept. Discover the farming and cuisine of the good old days with today’s traditionally inspired flavours. Lionel’s passion for awakening your palette with fresh flavours shines through every bite.
Our desire is to offer food and cocktails with the best ingredients, prepared meticulously for your enjoyment. Let us share our love and passion of the cuisine today with you in a place where you feel at home.




Rouleau de Printemps (V) 
Celery | Carrot | Mango | Coriander | Marinated Shitake


Le Beetroot Hummus  (V) 
Grilled Beetroot | Chickpea | Granny Smith Apple | Pine Nut Parsley | Cumin | Olive Oil | Lemon | Thyme & Rosemary Tartine


Marinated Beef Carpaccio(GF)
Seared Tenderloin Rôti | Thyme
Radish | Lemon Zest Dressing


Deep-Fried Calamari
Calamari | Lime | Tartare Sauce


Prawn Tempura
Prawn | Citrus Ponzu | Harissa Mayonnaise


Pan-Seared Octopus Confit
Marinated Octopus | Grilled Paprika | Fresh Parsley


Crab Ravioli
Crab | Citrus Broth | Zucchini | Lemon Fresh Mint | Crab Mixture Poultry Broth


Red Snapper Carpaccio
Red Snapper | Coconut Cream | Kaffir Lime Red Onion | Fresh Coriander


Tuna Tartare
Tuna | Avocado | Mango | Sesame Seed Spring Onion | Raspberry Vinaigrette




Stracciatella Tomato Salad (V) 
Stracciatella, Heart of Burrata | Buffalo Tomato Red Onion | Fresh Basil


Salade de Pâtes (V) 
Fusilli or Gluten Free Pasta | Feta | Cherry Tomato Cucumber | Corn | Red Onion | Fresh Basil


Salade César
Grilled or Deep Fried Chicken | Romaine | Soft Poached Egg Freshly Shaved Parmesan | Anchovy Dressing


Vietnamese Salad (V) 
Marinated Tenderloin | Spring Roll | Glass Noodle Mixed Vegetable | Peanut | Nuoc Cham Sauce


Salade Niçoise
Rare Seared Tuna | Quail Egg | Tomato
Green Bean | Mixed Salad | Mustard Dressing




Famous Bistrot Burger
Prime Beef {160g} | Aged Cheddar Roasted Onion | Pickled Red Onion | Mesclun Gherkin | Tomato Confit | Cognac Sauce


Parisian Burger
Prime Beef {160g} | Brie Cheese | Aged Cheddar Tomato Confit | Onion & Honey Confit | Fresh Mint


Prime Beef {160g} | Grilled Bacon Aged Cheddar | Roasted Onion Tomato Confit | BBQ Sauce


Le Chicken
Crispy Chicken | Pickled Red Onion | Aged Cheddar Caramelised Pepper Bell | Grilled Corn Mesclun | Tomato Confit | Tartar Sauce


Foie Gras Burger
Foie Gras {50g} | Prime Beef {160g} | Aged Cheddar Roasted Onion | Pickled Red Onion | Mesclun Tomato Confit | Mayonnaise




Nasi Goreng Chicken (V)
Chicken | Stir-Fried Rice
Bok Choy | Carrot | Poached Egg


Crying Tiger
Australian Grilled Rib Eye Coriander Nam Prik | Balinese Rice


Mie Goreng Crispy Duck (V)
Duck | Stir-Fried Noodle | Bok Choy Carrot | Sambal Matah | Kaffir Lime


Pad Thai Lobster (V)
Slipper Lobster | Thai Noodle | Peanut | Tamarind Sauce | Chili Flake





Australian Rib Eye & Béarnaise


Filet Mignon
Australian Tenderloin & Thyme Green Peppercorn


Tartare de Boeuf
Raw Australian Tenderloin &
Spring Onion | Caper | Parsley | Dijon Mustard


The Bistrot’s Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs {350g} & BBQ Coulis


Slow Cooked Lamb
7 Hours Slow Cooked | Lamb Dry Apricot | Pinenut | Rosemary


Poulet Basquaise
Basil Grilled Chicken | Lemon Confit | Tomato Marinade




Orange Slipper Lobster
Fresh Slipper Lobster
Cognac & Orange Sauce | Olive Oil | Orange Infused Lemongrass Butter


Salmon Tarragon
Salmon Filet | Edamame | Citrus | Spinash Salad | Tarragon Sauce


Pan Seared Snapper
Fresh Seared Snapper | Baby Spinach | Paprika | Lime Curry Vinaigrette


Le Plateau de Fruits de Mer
Fresh Seafood Platter | Catch of The Day




Aubergine Confit & Parmesan Sablé (V)
Grilled & Oven Baked Aubergine | Fennel | Raspberry
Crumbled Parmesan | Lemon & Yogurt Dressing


Gratin Dauphinois (V)
Baked Potato | Crème | Parmesan | Nutmeg | Thyme


French Purée de Potato (V)
Mashed Potato | Salted Butter | Milk | Ground Pepper


Homemade French Fries (V)
Doubled Fried Thinly Hand-cut Potato


Salade Verte (V)
Mixed Green | Homemade Vinaigrette


Asparagus Duo
Garlic Grilled Asparagus | Asparagus Salad Smoked Bacon Mousse | Butter Crusted Bread


Half Baked Cauliflower Purée (V)
Oven Baked & Grilled Cauliflower | Cauliflower Purée
Harissa Marinade | Grilled Chickpea | Fresh Coriander


Pumpkin Risotto (V)
Grilled Pumpkin | Shallot | White Wine | Parmesan | Spring Onion


Mushroom & Hazelnut Purée (V)
Mushroom Crème | Hazelnut Purée | Parsley Grilled Mushroom


Balinese Rice (V)

best design in bali



There is always room for dessert.
Our Chef de Partie in a 3-star Michelin,
offers innovative, new-fashioned & delightful desserts.

Bistrot would be delighted to create and host your individual request and idea of a celebration – whether a marriage, birthday, anniversary or private party – allow Bistrot to make you become a guest at your own party.

All budgets can be catered to, after all, the best celebrations are not necessarily about how much money you spend but more to do with grace, style, elegance and the right guest list.

Our dedicated team understands this and endeavours to coordinate diligently to make your moment unforgettable with an unparalleled attention to detail.


Warm Chocolate Fondant
Half Baked Chocolate Soufflé | Vanilla Bean Gelato
Carmel Sauce (15 minutes)


Crème Brûlée
Vanilla Bean Custard | Red Berry
Crusty Layer of Caramel Shell


Choux Pastry | Vanilla Bean Gelato
Cinnamon | Chocolate | Peanut Praline


Île Flottante
Italian Meringue | Lemon Confit
Hazelnut | Shortcrust Pastry


The Bistrot Seasonal Cheese Cake
Seasonal Fruit | Lemon Confit | Crumb Pastry


Tarte au Citron
Italian Meringue | Lemon Confit
Hazelnut | Shortcrust Pastry


Three Layer Crust | Crème Vanille
Pear | Ginger Coulis


Grande Chocolate Mousse
Belgian Chocolate Mousse
Speculoos Shortbread | Crème Chantilly


Les Glaces
Selection of Gelato Secrets Savors :
Dark Chocolate Sulawesi
Vanilla Bean From Singaraja | Salted Butter Caramel Coconut Sorbet | Lime Ginger Sorbet
Two Scoops of Vanilla Gelato Whipped Cream / Almond
Hot Chocolate Sauc




“The upstairs bar, provides a space that Hemingway would be proud of.”


Come early, or stay late. Do also take the time to peruse the Cocktail and Wine lists, designed to tantalise and make your Bistrot experience truly memorable.
The Bar is a glamorous place to dress up, catch up and enjoy a glass or two. Providing the freshest ingredients, always organic when possible, and locally sourced from the cool farms of the Bedugul highlands of northern Bali.
Let us mix you an original cocktail, select the perfect wine, or pour you a cold beer.

Champagne Cocktails



The Spritz
Brut sparkling Wine /
Rosella & Citrus Bitter Liqueur
Sparkling Water


Apricot Bellini
Brut Sparkling Wine / Secret Recipe

Drinks For Two



Red Wine / Orange Liqueur / Honey Syrup
Lime Juice / Fresh Fruits / Soda Water


Frozen Rose Wine / Strawberry
Lime / Organic Honey




Campare Orange
Rosella / Citrus Bitters
Squeezed Orange


Negroni From Scratch
Rosella / Citrus Bitters
Wine Liquor with Gin Infusion


Habana Libre
Sugarcane Liquor / Homemade Cola


After a night out


SBX Sparkling Brut
Glass of Bubbles


Bloody Cherry Mary
Tomato juice / Lemon / Spicy Mix / Vodka


Melody AM
Apple juice / Rosemary / Vodka / Drambuie


Breakfast Martini
Orange Marmalade / Gin / Cointreau

On The Rocks



Lontar Nectar from Rote Islands
Lime Wedges / Sugarcane Liqueur


Juniper & Tonic
Juper / Lemon / Coriander
Licorice Infusion / Homemade Tonic


Ginger Mule
Fresh Pressed Ginger / Fresh Lime Juice Organic Honey / Coconut Infused Liqueur
Soda Water / Bitters


Smoky Old Fashioned
Coffee Wood Smoked Bourbon
Organic Honey / Bitters / Citrus Zests


Whisky Sour
Whisky / Fresh Lemon Juice / Bitters
Organic Honey / Organic Egg White


Bloody Cherry Mary
Fresh Cherry Tomatoes / Wasabi
Tomato & Liqueur Infusion
Spices Salt & Pepper / Tabasco




Mint & Ginger Mojito
Frozen Sugarcane Juice / Coconut Milk
Pure Lime & Ginger Juice / Coconut Water Infused Liquor with Coconut


Pina Colada
Frozen Fresh Pineapple Juice
Coconut Milk / Pineapple Liqueur
Lime & Floral Bitters


Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
Frozen Strawberry / Lime Juice
Organic Honey / Grape Liqueur


Mango Margarita
Frozen Mango / Tequila / Triple Sec
Lime / Organic Honey


Dragonfruit Martini
Frozen Dragonfruit / Lime
Fresh Pineapple Juice
Organic Honey / Grape Liqueur